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The state-of-the-art development solution Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 lets you use flexible, agile planning tools like capacity planning, taskboards, and backlog management, to enable incremental development techniques. Use advanced modeling, discovery, and architecture tools to describe your system and help ensure that your architecture vision is preserved in the implementation. Bring development and operation teams together by using IntelliTrace, Operations Manager Connector, and Preemptive Analytics. Improve quality and reduce time to resolution by generating actionable bugs from deployed software.   Develop across all Windows devices From desktop experiences to Windows Store applications on tablets and applications for Windows Phones, applications created with Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 fully integrate with the underlying platform, enabling experiences that differentiate from the rest.   Integrate development and operations InRelease release management makes automated deployments repeatable and reliable so that new capabilities can predictably be sent to production. Business-approval workflows ensure sufficient communication between stakeholders at greater velocity to make sure that the release is done correctly.   Integrated solutions, shorter cycles Collaborate more effectively with your team using Team Rooms to maintain a destination for discussing issues, sharing status, and tracking decisions with team members. Stay on top of your projects current and future needs with agile portfolio management, backlog management, capacity planning, and task boards.   Create modern web apps and services Use emerging web design patterns in one ASP.NET solution so you can develop applications that span the stack without managing different WebForms, MVC, and Web API projects. f

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